Arrived in foster care 12/26/10Cloudy in the fishtank filled with yarn

Adopted out 9/18/11

Estimated to be five years old

Snow Shoe Siamese

*Shy at first, warms up quickly

*Leans in for cuddles, enjoys hugs

*Tolerates other cats and dogs

*Great litter box habits

This cat was fostered for The Siamese Cat Rescue Center


Notes uploaded to the Siamese Cat Rescue webpage

Cloudy is curled up on a green blanket. From the temporary foster 12/26/10:

I have your baby. Very sweet! Purrs and purrs, but she is also very scared. Has some big mats that need to be cut out back over her hips where she cannot groom. I took some pictures of her and will send to you later. Was going to see if you wanted to meet up today, but with the bad weather decided it was a bad idea.

Oh, what a nice girl. You are going to love her. she is going to need the Clavamox, I think! But shes eating and purring. I got the mats out of her backside, so you will see the baldish spot. Had to cut them out but she deserved better than to have them. Lots of dandruff cheap food and no grooming, but that is fixable! She eats the dry mix I have half Purina, half Blue Buffalo Wilderness. And she sucks up canned Fancy Feast. This is truly one who will benefit from a low-carb diet. 15 pounds of snowshoe who drools when you pet her!

12/29/10 10:32am: Cloudy arrived at my house last evening. Released into her private suite; she promptly crawled beneath the desk. She remained there, but purred away when I came back in and pet her a few hours after. Did come out purring at that point. This morning was still under the desk, her food looked untouched but there was a liquid deposit in her litter box. Would like to get her started on clavamox ASAP as she sounds worse this morning than she did last night.

1/06/11 03:01pm:I started a second bottle of Clavomox yesterday. Cloudy's appetite is much better and she's more active, but she is still very sniffly. Weighed 13.5 pounds this afternoon.

1/8/11 Cloudy has been here for 11 days. Shes a good-sized snowshoe who was sporting a decent URI upon arrival. Shes on her 2nd bottle of Clavamox and is improving daily. Her favorite place was a wicker chair with a blanket. Shes since discovered a corner fish tank that is filled with yarn. Ive been trying to get a good picture of her curled up in all that color, but she gets up to greet me as soon as she hears the door open. Shes not met my dogs or cats yet, nor does she have run of the house, so its hard to say what shes like. She has been sweet so far and has wonderful litter box habits. Id like to have something a little more glowing than that for her on the SCR site, so Im looking forward to when she can join the rest of us out in the house.

Cloudy lays on a blue blanket with white snowflakes1/13/11 03:45pm: Cloudy is almost finished with her 2nd bottle of Clavamox; she is no longer sneezing or sniffling. I did start her on Lysine. Monday the 10th I put a screen in front of her door so she and my cats could meet. She has no interest in socializing! The screen came down today; when one of my cats ventured in Cloudy merely hisses and growls her displeasure. She has not ventured out more than a step or two into the hallway, and that's only if I'm right there. She is more at ease with my dogs than she is the cats, but I think if a dog barked at her, she'd flee right back to her room.

1/15/11: Carried Cloudy out to the living room while the dogs were outside. She drooled madly and froze on my lap; after a while she slid off to hide beneath a small coffee table. Returned her to her room since she seemed stressed (drooling a lot).

1/16/11:Try #2 to let Cloudy explore; brought her into the computer room with my husband and I. This time she drooled a little, but was much more curious about what the room held. She found a plant that she thought needed chewing on; apparently the Dane foster had softened the leaves up for her. Cloudy found her own way back to her room; I left the door open but put a gate up to keep the dogs out.

1/18/11 02:32pm: Last night Cloudy spent the night loose. She came in to say hi when I first went to bed, then slipped out of the room. She didn't come when I called her for breakfast this morning, but was in her room a short time later. Yesterday I found her curled up next to my teenage son while he played a video game. I've heard no more sniffling or sneezing from her.

From Cloudy herself:Three weeks I've been here, and I have to say that life is pretty good. I have run of their house and can lay in whatever rooms I want, on whoever's lap if I feel like it -- or I can just curl up on all the yarn my foster Mum stores in a fish tank! I don't hang out with the other cats here, but I don't mind them, either. I can tolerate the dogs (two are BIG) when they come say hi one at a time, but they scare me too much for me to venture into the area that they stay in. It took me a few days to feel comfortable here, but when I look out the window at the ice on the trees, I'm so glad I'm in here!

Cloudy sniffs a plant, discovering the potential for her personal salad bar1/30/11 09:27am: I have a baby gate up in the doorway of the bedroom so Cloudy can enter or exit without the dogs bothering her or getting into the litter box My son's room is directly across the way. If he's home she's likely to be found curled up next to him, unless our Dane is already there. Most times I find Cloudy on the chair or desk. She 'merts' at me when I come in, jumps down, rubs against me, then stretches and claws at the carpet. There is one cat-scratch post in the room that neither she nor my cats seem to like. I'm going to try another type to see if I can encourage her to dig her nails into that, instead.

Friday night I had most of the dogs gated in the living room with me (the Dane foster cannot be in the same room as our Dane, so there is always a gate across someplace). I heard a cat bell and got up to look. Sure enough, Cloudy was in the kitchen. [She and my two 2 1/2 year old cats have collars with bells.] The dogs got up when I did and Cloudy ended up running back to her room. I'll hear her bell during the night, so I know she is getting out and exploring when the dogs are all settled. I haven't heard any more hissing or spats between the cats, so either mine have accepted Cloudy is here, or they have learned to disagree quietly.

Cloudy is on the same feeding schedule as my cats: 1/3 cup of dry (Taste of the Wild) in the morning, a little less and 1/4 can of wet food for dinner. Sometimes Cloudy gets fed first, other times last. When I opened the can last night she came running out of her room to make sure that she was #1 in Que.

Cloudy enjoys being picked up and hugged. She'll lean in tight and just purr away when you hold her.

From Cloudy herself: I've been watching the snow fall here in the Poconos and have to say I am thrilled to be inside a warm house! I have lots of room to roam here, but prefer to stay in my own bedroom. I do like to hang out with the teenage boy in the room across the way, and I've been known to chase the other cats out if I see them go into my space. We're learning to get along, though, and things are peaceful. I've been teaching my foster Mum that I love being picked up and hugged, I need to practice some more positive reinforcement in the form of my purrs and cuddles because she's not holding me as much as I would like. I've got to get her trained to stay here and pet me all day. Anyone have any tricks that might get her to understand that?

Cloudy helps Matt study2/02/11 02:55pm: Apparently Cloudy travels across the hallway to my son's room in the night and curls up with him. Matt says she doesn't spend all night, but she has decided he is her boy!

I was trying to sew yesterday; Cloudy's "room" is my sewing room. She did not like the sound of the sewing machine at first and fled the room, but quickly came back when she realized I was a captive audience. I've never had a cat rub up against the sewing machine as I used it, but she wanted to make sure that I leaned over to nuzzle her from time to time.

2/27/11 08:39am: Cloudy feels the service here lacks and is very vocal that meals should be served faster and more often.

She is moving around our house a lot more now; most evenings she will join us in the living room and curl up on a lap. She puts up with the dogs more, but will remind them not to bother her by a solid slap with her foot (no claws out). If she comes face to face with one of my older cats, they simply give each other a respectful amount of space as they pass. Our younger two brat-cats will stalk her at times; they chase her into her bedroom where she turns around and sends them running back down the hall.

Cloudy does get up on our counters; it's a frequent battle to remind her that we do not allow that in this house. She is heavy enough that she has a distinctive sound as she jumps from the counter to the ceramic tile floor. I can hear her at night while we watch TV and in the mornings when I'm still trying to convince myself to get up out of bed. She found some fortune cookies and apparently decided they made great cat toys; I could hear her batting them around one morning.

She also enjoys eating my house plants. I was finding vomit last week and speculated it was from her: she went off her food for a day and had diarrhea in her litter box I spritzed all leaves within cat reach with bitter apple and have not had a repeat of kitty vomit/diarrhea.

Cloudy does have an odd habit. I place her food and water bowls on a hand towel. From the beginning she has buried the bowls beneath the towel. She does not do this as often with the food bowl, but many times I've found the towel soaked and not much water left. I tried placing one of the water fountains my cats use in her room, but she made such a mess with it that I ended up placing the stainless steel bowl inside a larger plastic one that is weighted down.

Cloudy sprawls across Jim's lap3/14/11: I looked into the other room and say one of the younger cats sitting on the recliner. Cloudy was on the rug, on her back, rolling back and forth and playfully pawing at 'Chops. There's been much less hissing and chasing, but every now and then at night I still hear the gallop of kitty feet and the tinkle of the bells on their collars. [Cloudy and my younger two brat cats are belled so my older two know where they are.]

3/17/11 12:39pm: With increased inquiries coming in for Cloudy, I felt it was time to get her examined by the vet (my boss). Cloudy meowed the entire 20 minute ride over and back. Once in the room she won over the tech with her constant purring; Penny wasn't able to hear a heart rate due to the constant purr. Cloudy was reasonably good for the nail trim; she did try to shake off Penny's hands from her feet a few times but there was no growling or biting. Cloudy was a little insulted by having her temperature taken but leaned against me for cuddles to help endure it.

4/03/11 11:30am: Cloudy is now being fed with our other cats instead of in her room by herself. She was joining them downstairs more often, but then expected yet another meal up in her bedroom. She still prefers curling up in the yarn-filled fish tank for naps in the morning. In the afternoon she positions herself on my son's bed, and in the evening she moves about the house or joins us in the living room. She was actually rubbing against the tripawd Dane foster at dinner time the other night! This is a really nice cat.

Cloudy does scratch at the carpeting sometimes; I haven't found a scratching post that seems to entice her. She's not horrible about it, but some homes may not appreciate this.

4/26/11 07:19am: I won't mark Cloudy as 'no cats' because she doesn't attack out of the blue, but she is definitely not a 'cat-cat.' She tolerates mine as long as they leave her alone, and that extends to staying out of her slap-range if they're in the same room. She is eating with three of mine, and some mornings before I get down to serve the royalty, I'll here some hissing and spitting and see one of mine run from the room. Cloudy knows which dresser she eats on, though, and lets the others pass as long as they don't invade her space. She definitely enjoys dogs more: I joke that I'm going to insist she and the three-legged Dane foster be adopted together, because Cloudy has even spent the night in the room with Drama, refusing to come out. She also rubs all over the Golden we're raising for The Seeing Eye.

Cloudy complains loudly if I need to get yarn out of the corner fish tank I store it in, if she is already settled in comfortably. She doesn't scratch or bite, but is very explicit that I am tormenting her needlessly.

5/07/11 08:03am: Cloudy used to stick to just 'her' room, or my son's bedroom across the way. Now I'll find her downstairs on the couch in the basement family room, or curled up on top of a four-foot tall cat scratching post, in one of the windows where there is plenty of room for a cat, or on the couch in the living room. She still has a bad habit of getting on our kitchen counters (we don't allow that, with the exception of a small counter between the living room and kitchen), but she is not getting up there nearly as often. Now that the weather is nicer the door from the kitchen to the back porch is open; the cats are allowed on the table out there, and Cloudy has been found in that prime spot for watching the birds at the feeders. She surprised my husband the other day by being in our bathroom; I've walked into our room and even found her there. That was always 'our cat's' territory; she and our cats give each other wide berth but only slap each other when it's meal time and they're all getting cranky waiting for their food.


May 7 Cloudy is a cat who prefers the company of people over other cats. If you want a playmate/companion for your present cat, Cloudy is most likely not the girl for you. If you want a cat who will tolerate your other cats yet adore you, then this is the Siamese you've been waiting for!

The photo to the left of these words shows Cloudy curled up on the lap of my son's friend, David. Cloudy is on her back while David gently rubs her belly: this is a position that many cats do not like, but Cloudy doesn't care as long as you are petting her.

When my son is in his bedroom with his friends, I can almost guarantee that I will find Cloudy with them. She may insist on sitting on the lap of one of the boys, or she might be happy just leaning against one. Teenage boys do not intimidate her!

Cloudy has become much more tolerant of the dogs in the house. She will still remind them that she has claws and knows how to use them if they get too fresh, but she's more apt to mingle with them and rub against their legs, purring. We had a 16-month old German Shepherd visit (another future Seeing Eye dog); Ziggy was being a touch energetic and racing around the basement. Cloudy wandered out as Ziggy was bouncing around, and he ended up leaping almost on her. She crouched between his legs and hissed, he jumped straight in the air and barreled out of the room. Cloudy walked a few steps and calmly began licking her leg as if to say, "You big clod, you mussed my fur!"

Although she loves sitting in windows and watching the birds, she has made no attempt to come near our doorways, much less dart out them.

She appears to have no health problems, has not been a fussy eater (I do have all the cats on a grain-free dry/canned diet), and is not choosy about the type of litter box available. This is an easy cat!

May 29 Miss Cloudy is enjoying springtime. She moves from window to window in our basement. They are ground-level and she has a wonderful view of the chipmunks and birds. Now that I've added feeders on my back porch, she's joining my cats in sitting in front of the balcony door in my bedroom. The birds, squirrels, and chipmunks are mere inches away.

This cat moves around here like she owns the place. The other cats do not phase her at all; she walks up and slaps them if they are in her way or she doesn't want to have them nearby. Every now and then one of ours gets tired of it and smacks her right back. There's a minimum of hissing; for the most part she ignores them and they pretend she doesn't exist.

Her coat shows the difference in what a good diet can do. She's eating the same grain-free food that my cats have for breakfast and dinner. When she came in, her fur was coarse and bristly. It's soft now, and she's not shedding nearly as much.



Cloudy stretches out in a white wicker basket6/26/11 08:25am: Cloudy has been a little frisky the last few times I've tried to cut her nails. She growls, and the prior
time even nipped at me. Doing this task by myself is difficult, but she is very managable when I have a family member to help. She is not the best using my scratching posts, but prefers the carpet in the front entryway. If someone has issues with clipping nails or a cat not using appropriate scratching surfaces, Cloudy should not be recommended to them.

Cloudy loves butter. She jumped up on our counter a few weeks ago and knocked the glass lid of the butter dish onto the floor, shattering it. That didn't keep her from getting a few good licks from the stick of butter that was undefended. We do not allow our cats up on the counters, and Cloudy has learned that this activity must be done at night/when we are not in the room. Notice that I do not say that Cloudy has learned to stay off the counters! She is a cat that does what she wants when she wants to, although she will give the appearance that she is taking your wishes into account.

7/12/11 07:37am: My in-laws were visiting this weekend. Cloudy was meandering around the kitchen as we were seated at the table, chatting. She strolled up to my mother-in-law, who had her arm draped over the back of the chair. Mom's hand was dangling down. Cloudy reached up and gave her a 'high five.' It was done gently, no claws involved, and oh-so-funny.

7/26/11 02:29pm: There has been some spatting between Cloudy and one of my cats. There have been a couple of nights that I can hear Cloudy and I'm guessing my younger female cat growling, hissing, and yowling. I'm not positive who is starting it, but this morning Ocelot was on one side of the baby gate, Cloudy trotted up and smacked at her. The last two nights Cloudy has been shut in the bedroom with our Dane foster, who she gets along well with. The dog is in a pen area; Cloudy has access to that or can hang out in the window or several other comfortable places.

I spent a fair amount of time this morning brushing Cloudy on the back porch. She purrs and rubs as she's brushed; she really enjoys it.

Cloudy leans against a pillow on our couch8/04/11 09:25pm: I've been rotating my older-male cat and male & female three year old brat-cats with Cloudy. When only Cloudy and my victim-female cat are loose together, they merely avoid each other and carry on. There's a lot of hissing and spitting when she and the younger cats are loose.

Cloudy looks good and seems to be content. Her appetite is normal; she's one of the first to start noticing that dinner time is approaching. It's funny; she can hop up on our counters, but she can't jump over a knee-high gate!

8/08/11 04:28pm: I spent a good deal of last week rotating cats: Cloudy would be downstairs, then my cats. After watching closely I've discovered the Cloudy and my older 'victim' cat, Whisper, do get along fine. They actually ignore each other. Over the weekend I allowed all five cats out again; I caught one of the brat-cats sitting above Cloudy on the couch batting at her. Cloudy may chase them out of a room sometimes, but she's certainly not the only one who is starting things!

Cloudy somehow managed to open my sliding screen door to the balcony and decided to get a closer look at the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks that are fed out there. Thankfully I saw the large cat on my porch and quickly called her back inside. She may have been having fun in the sun, but she did allow me to pick her up with no complaint and hasn't repeated the trick.


Cloudy's foot seems to reach out for the cameraAugust 14, 2011 Cloudy has been here almost eight months now. She certainly has cat-itude to share! She would be happiest in a home with no other cats, or cats that she can pretend do not exist. She doesn't mind dogs at all, and will rub up against them. People are her favorites: she enjoys a lap to sleep on, and purrs very loudly!

She is not a high-energy cat. She will play with toys if you engage her, but is more appreciative of a comfortable place to nap. Cloudy enjoys windows where she can watch birds, squirrels, and chipmunks. The french doors in our bedroom are a favorite place of hers to hang out; there are bird feeders on the porch.

We've been having some problems with Cloudy and our cats. I believe the main issues are between her and our two three-year-old cats. The alternate hissing and darting at each other. To keep peace, Cloudy has been sleeping in the downstairs bedroom with our Dane foster who came in shortly before she arrived. Many mornings I find Cloudy peacefully sitting in the window, which is inside Drama's pen area. Other mornings she'll greet me at the door, where Drama does not have access to.

Every few days I'll put the two brat-cats in with Drama and let Cloudy have run of the house at night. She may come in to our bedroom briefly, but typically doesn't sleep with us. She still will go in with our son and curl up with him. Her purring is loud enough to be disruptive to him at times!


September 18, 2011 It is with great pleasure that I pass along the news that Cloudy has found the home she was looking for! She will be the adored only pet spoiled by two children and their parents. Doesn't Cloudy look very self-satisfied with her new little girl?

A few updates from her first few hours with her new family:

She hasn't used the litter box yet, but has eaten some. Not sure if she drank anything yet. She has explored the whole first floor but hasn't gone upstairs yet.

About a minute later ...

Spoke too fast.. She just went upstairs :)

After only a few hours, I got the best news of all:

She's already out and snuggling....

It was a pleasure to have Cloudy live with us for her stay in foster care, even with the broken butter dishes and spats with our own cats. I know Cloudy is much happier with the family who adopted her. I wish her many years of health and joy. Congratulations, Cloudy, all homeless cats should be so lucky!


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