"And when we bury our face in our hands and wish we had never been born, they don't sit up very straight and observe that we have brought it all upon ourselves. They don't even hope it will be a warning to us. But they come up softly, and shove their heads against us ... He looks up with his big, true eyes, and says with them, "Well, you've always got me, you know. We'll go through the world together and always stand by each other, won't we."
1889 by Jerome K. Jerome about his dog

This site is devoted to all aspects of Animal Rescue,
but highlights our work with Great Dane, Greyhound,
and Siamese Cat Rescue.

The star of this page left us at
4 a.m. on Sunday,
December 23rd, 2007.
Godspeed, Jewel, until we see
you again.
Jewel stands

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